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All Work and No Play?

It is almost the end of another year and I thought I'd note down a little bit of what I learnt so far. This could work as a reminder for me, something I can look back at if I ever get lost, but if a couple of you can relate to or even benefit from this then nothing better than that.

I have never been the one to make new year resolutions and the tradition shall prevail, but I look forward to continue implementing what I've learnt in the past few years (or manage to implement that which I haven't yet) . Noting some of my prominent observations below and keeping it as precise as I can without missing out.

Here's what I would like to remember -

(1) Learning to take it easy, to just be, to not think or plan beyond a healthy limit.

To trust, understand and encourage myself, despite my shortcomings, like I would if I were to treat myself as someone I'm responsible for looking after.

(2) To try my best to understand what is in my control, to completely focus on doing my best at that and not obsess over what is not in my control (and to gracefully accept the same).

(3) Finding time every day, even if for 10 minutes, for something that's personal & meaningful to me. Something that certainly makes me healthier/relaxed/energized and more connected to myself.

(4) Setbacks/failures/heartbreaks can upset me, but they also incredibly equip me with experience and knowledge that I would not have gained otherwise. They keep me grounded and make me a better person. They put things into perspective. They're necessary and unavoidable companions in life that we'd rather befriend than run from.

(5) I'd rather not turn my hobbies into a means to making money. This would suck the soul out of my creative side. The purity of doing something just because I enjoy doing it will last no more. Let there be my profession and then let there be my hobbies, separate. That would keep recreational activities/liesure and personal growth sacred and sane.

(6) To be an honest person as far as I can go, starting with being honest to myself at all costs. Life is too precious to be living a lie. Life is real and that's what should I be too.

(7) To simplify and solve is my default aim in life and that's what I must use to deal with my issues at all times. Instead of thoughtfully and patiently untangling knots, if I keep pulling at them mindlessly, then let alone untangling- I might even end up breaking the strings.

(8) To never forget my roots, my journey, my growth, what my parents have raised me to be and their teachings.

(9) To do more of what will make me like myself, and obviously, stop doing things that will make me dislike myself.

(10) To live life thoroughly. To never stop a laughter and to be an active participant. To remember that it doesn't help being too serious or dull because life has its way of putting things in place provided you are focused on your intent and keep working towards it. Trust the process.

I guess I might keep coming back here to make any additions if I remember later that are worth noting down. Exact 10 points is pure coincidence (I numbered them after I finished writing).

Till then, thank you to those of you still reading my blog. Your thoughts on this are most welcome. Take care of yourself and your loved ones :)

Photography: Sushant Junnarkar

Concept & Styling: Megha Ray

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