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Bringing Back All The Sass: Island Kiss Review (New Flavors)

Hey lovely ladies! Wassup? How’s the season of love treating you? It is Valentine’s Day and I’m sure most of you have nicely planned out your day *wink wink*. Well I have plans too (which involves myself and probably my cats (always a loner 😀 )) and I’ll be doing a separate post on that but for now, single or not, we all wanna feel loved and also have fabulous kissable lips 😉 This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving some extra love to my lips and also hoping to spread a lot of love and happiness all around me 🙂

Island Kiss is back with brand new flavors and these shades are so perfect for the season of love that I could not help but build a whole Valentine’s day theme around it. I’ve reviewed the older variants before, which you can have a look at by clicking here.

Continue reading for a detailed review on these newbies  ❤


First Impressions :

  1. The artsy & sassy themed graphics and packaging is what catches your attention from the beginning. It is unlike anything else I’ve seen before and I am crushing on the vintage and beach-girl vibes I get from them! The packaging is really very pretty and I love how much thought has been put into building everything around this concept.

  2. The lip moisturizers come in a plastic tubes, colored as per the shades they deliver.

  3. Both these shades are priced at Rs. 499/- which might seem a little more priced than other lip balms, but totally worth every penny you pay (which I am gonna tell you why in the review section).

  4. The boxes that contain the products have their ingredients mentioned very explicitly. You will definitely find that so reassuring, as you discover how much goodness your lip tints are capable of giving you!

Black Rose & Grenade Rouge – Shade: Foxy Red Head


Such rose, such sass, much love ❤


This new flavor has a beautiful crimson shade! It has a pleasant smell of roses. In spite of not being so much of a fan of the usual rose fragrances, I didn’t mind this at all because the smell is very gentle and soothing.


I’ve swatched it on one of the sea shells. I love how pigmented it is! The consistency is more balm-like as compared to the older versions (which were more fluid and oilier) and this definitely is a positive upgrade 🙂


The ingredients are all about mother nature ❤ This is what I love the most!


That is how it looks on my lips. I haven’t applied any lip color whatsoever, and trust me the camera is not able to capture exactly how pigmented it is. Two layers of application and you have beautiful bold crimson-red lips ❤


Flamingo Pink & Peonies – Shade: Wink Pout Pink




This is like the perfect pink! I Don’t like other shades of pink usually, but this particular shade is LOVE .


The smell reminds me of bubblegums and cupcakes! 😀 The shade is a perfect pink (I Don’t know how many times I’m gonna say “perfect pink”) and looks beautiful when you wear it on! The texture and consistency is same as Foxy Red Head variant so thumbs up!


This shade is so pretty. It gives my lips a lovely nude-pink tint that makes me wanna wear it all the time! ❤



Crush Alert. I ❤ this shade.

Overall Review :

  1. I am not much of a makeup person and you might have already noticed that. I like staying natural, even during my photo shoots. A little color on my lips with a stroke of eyeliner on each eye and I’m good to go! So, I mostly prefer light weight cosmetics for daily use and these lip tints are perfect for me.

  2. These are well pigmented but don’t stain your lips much. Once the lip balms are off, most of the color is off too. I personally kinda prefer that somehow, because lip balms are supposed to heal your lips and not stain them much.

  3. The balmy and thicker texture is much more preferable than its older sisters and like I said, that’s definitely a positive upgrade.

  4. The fragrance is yummy and you can feel free to lick your lips and savour the taste of your lip tints, tastes sweet 😀

  5. Comes with spf 15, so hey Sun! Kiss ma lips :*

  6. Organic, petroleum free and non toxic.

  7. I have been using these since only a couple of days, so I am not very sure of how they’ll work for me on a long term basis. But I am pretty sure they’ll do a great job like the older variants because the ingredients are the same 🙂

  8. My lips feel nourished, softer and prettier instantly as they absorb the oils.

  9. As of now I am pretty satisfied and don’t see much room for improvement. Maybe the tubes can be a bit sturdier because a little part of it has already broken and last time too the head of the Puerto Berry Blush tube had cracked in a month.

  10. Both the shades are best suited for all Indian skin tones and for any occasion. There’s no way these won’t look good on you, especially if you are warm skin toned like me, you’re gonna love them!

  11. I feel it is worth investing in these lip balms especially if you have dry lips/burning lips issues like me or even if you are some one who uses lip balms regularly, these are a complete package.

  12. Overall Rating for both the shades : 4.5/10

  13. My favorite shade : Wink Pout Pink

Do try these out and let me know your experience too! Let me know if you guys found my review helpful ❤

Hope you all find lots of love and happiness in your lives and have a great time ahead!

Spread the love, cheers to a good life! 🙂

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