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Lipstick Lookbook | 2017

Waddup beautiful people! I’m back with another lookbook but this time it is makeup!

Presenting, my first ever beauty shoot – The Lipstick Lookbook, featuring 4 lip shades that are best for the season ( They’re all moderately to completely waterproof). <3

Continue Scrolling For All that Lipstick Jazz – Details & Review <3

The Nude Look

Lipstick :  Nykaa, Caramel Mocha Lipstick (21 M) Review : Nude lipsticks are my all time favorite! Since I am a person who is not so much into makeup, I always end up wearing nude lip shades. This one is perfectly nude and would suit all Indian skin tones. If you still prefer a darker shade, I would recommend the Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade 58 (which I also happen to use regularly, especially for office). This lipstick however is not very long lasting because wears off pretty easily while eating. So, on occasions when I want my lipstick to stay, I resort to the Miss Claire liquid lipstick I mentioned above. (And sometimes even mix them both :D)

The Blooming Blossom Look

Lipstick: Miss Claire soft matte lip cream, shade 47 Review: Miss Claire is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE <3 I am so glad I discovered this. It stays on for as long as I want, it looks great, settles matte and it doesn’t even dry my lips out! The scream worthy part is, it costs only 180 bucks!! This is heaven, and I would recommend this liquid lipstick to everyone 😀 (It smells like caramel guys! <3) I am not sure if this is available online, but most local stores have them 🙂 I love wearing this shade to work too depending upon my outfit and mood.

The Bold Look

Lipstick: Bharat & Dorris, Retro Matte Lip Gloss in the shade M10 Review: Now most of you must have seen me wearing this lip color in my fashion shoots that required bold lips. I definitely wear this color rarely because I am a nude lips kinda person. However, if at all bold lips is the requirement, I go for this liquid lipstick without any hesitation. It looks great on any skin tone, is deeply pigmented and doesn’t come off easily (even when you really try hard, so if you’re taking this off you definitely need oils/a good makeup remover). However I feel it dries my lips out a lot. This was sent to me by the brand so I don’t exactly remember the price. But I think it is above 600 bucks.

The Candy-Cupcake Look

Lipstick: Colorbar Liquid Matte Lipstick, Fuchsia Pink (OR Miss Clare, shade 24 is the alternative) Details:  For a girl who was never so fond of pink, I have actually begun to like how fuchsia pink lipsticks look on my face <3 Although the one I’m wearing in this photo is put by my  makeup artist and I don’t have the lipstick, but I have my Miss Claire dupe in the shade 24 <3 I swear Miss Claire is not sponsoring, I am just a huge fan 😀 I was super excited about this particular look and I am so glad about the way it has turned out!

About This Project

Like I mentioned earlier, this was my first ever beauty shoot and that made me extremely nervous. I am so used to doing fashion shoots that the idea of doing a beauty shoot seemed really challenging. But I am so blessed to have a super awesome POWER WOMAN team, my photographer – Samiksha Borikar and makeup artist – Amruta Pawar <3 Together we could pull off a month old idea that was in my head! Being able to execute the ideas in your head is always so challenging but also fun and it gets even better when you have such a lovely team. Go check them out – I’ve linked their profiles to their names above 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! Keep sharing your feedback with me, let me know which one is your favorite look in the comments below 🙂

Till then- chase your dreams, love a lot and live the good life! <3

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