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My Holy Grail Products!

Hey there beautiful people! ❤ Today I am sharing with you some of the products that I can swear by! These are tried and tested by me, on me, for over a long period of time and I just can not do without them! So let’s quickly jump into my all time favorite products!

  1. Ponds BB+ Cream

As you might have already noticed on my Instagram profile or other social media accounts, I don’t really put on much make up on normal days except for some BB cream, eye liner and probably a nude or coral lip color. Out of the many BB creams that I have used, I settled for the Ponds BB+ cream quite some time back and I literally can not do without it!

  1. Good coverage for a BB cream

  2. Gives a smooth and even tone. Skin appears brighter and healthier.

  3. Has an SPF 30 PA++ that protects your skin from the sun.

  4. Doesn’t make your skin oily or greasy. For dry skin you may need to use a moisturizer. Tends to get patchy on your skin during dry winters so works best with a moisturizer.

  5. Perfect for daily use.

MRP:    9 g:  Rs.75, 18 g:  Rs.140, 50 g: Rs.350

2. BBlunt Dry Shampoo

I’m so thankful to BBlunt for this product! This is that one product I feel everyone must own. I’m glad an Indian company came up with a dry shampoo that is effective and not even expensive!

  1. I love the fact that it has a mild gentle fragrance.

  2. Shows results instantly . Gives your hair a fresh look as though you just washed your hair even on the 2nd or 3rd day.

  3. Good packaging. The spray bottle’s nozzle is angled perfectly to make it really convenient for usage.

  4. Travel friendly size is also available.

MRP: 30 ml: Rs.250, 125 ml: Rs.550

3. Faces GO CHIC Lipstick in Prairie Pink 31

I LOVE this shade! It is such a natural and has this slight pinkish coral shade that is just a little brighter than my natural skin tone. It is perfect for daily wear!

Prairie Pink_1
  1. Has an amazing caramel fragrance!

  2. Brilliant texture and coverage

  3. Easily lasts for 3 to 4 hours

  4. Doesn’t overly dry out my lips so I can use it without a lip balm.

Price: 4.5 gm : Rs.249

4. Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Eyeliner is something that I put on often. I’ve been usig the Lakme Absolute Shine liner since 2 years now and I must say it is one of the best ones I’ve used.

shine line
  1. Budget friendly

  2. Long lasting

  3. Has a very soft fine brush and you can create various shapes easily.

  4. Different colors are available although I’ve only been using the Black one.

  5. I love the fact that it is jet black and stays on my eyelids for so long!

Price: Rs.280

5. Nyx bronzer (in BB 02 Daydream of Oahu)

I firmly believe one must invest in a good bronzer. It gives your skin a healthy look. This one from NYX is my favorite!

  1. Gives a very healthy shimmery tan.

  2. Extremely cute packaging although  I don’t like the location of the mirror in it. However that doesn’t matter much.

  3. They quite often have discounts, even upto 50% off.

  4. Color pay off is great , perfect texture.

MRP: Rs. 700

6. Colorbar Radiant Glow Illuminator Pen

Radiant Glow - MIL001big
  1. Doesn’t have chunks of glitter

  2. Gives a natural shine to the areas you use it for highlighting

  3. Liquid formula, does’t feel dry on your skin and blends in well.

  4. Major downside is the click system that it has. You have to keep clicking it several times till you get some amount of the product out.

  5. It isn’t white in colour and has a tint of peachy color which I absoultely love! That makes the entire shine look very natural.

MRP: Rs. 525

7. Garnier Eye Roll-On

Well the fact that I also have to live the life of an engineer also implies that I have to stay up all night trying to finish my syllabus (unsuccessfully) before an exam. That is when this magic wand comes handy!

  1. Gives instant freshness

  2. Helps subside the puffiness

  3. I specially love it when it is cool, so I tend to keep it in the refrigerator sometimes, prior to an examination or something.

  4. It has got a metal ball roller which stays cool any which ways.

  5. Easy to carry around. Easy to use!

MRP: Rs. 199

8. Lip balms

My lips often tend to get very dry these days and I just cannot do without a good lip balm that moisturizes well. So, I have definitely tried a hell lot of lip balms. I will be doing a separate post on all the lip balms I’ve tried very soon!

I love the lip balms from Nivea, almost all their flavors! They do a great job at protecting my lips and I just find the stick styles more convenient over the bottled balms.


Another very effective lip balm that I’ve been using is the SunKroma. It comes with SPF 15, is tasteless and colorless which is a plus and I apply it regularly to heal any dry patches on my lips. It will be available at any Indian drug store. The only downside is that it comes in a bottle and I have to use my fingers to apply it. I am not very fond of that. But if that’s something that works for you and if you have dry lips issues then this is amazing!


I’ve recently been crushing over the lip moisturizers that were sent to me from Island Kiss. Detailed review coming up this May !

island kiss

9. Lotus UV Screen Matte Gel

Oh my God this sunscreen gel is beyond amazing! I really don’t like greasy sunscreen lotions on my face. They feel so weird on the skin when I’m out in the sun, sweating! Not to mention making my face look awkwardly oily.

  1. This sunscreen is no cream or lotion but transparent gel! So no white patchy skin or stickiness.

  2. It smoothly blends in and gives a matte finish! Has oil-control, so no awkward oily faces 😀

  3. Very soothing

  4. Has PA++ and SPF 50 UVB , incredible protection!

  5. I feel this product is a must have! You’ve gotta try this one. Very innovative!

MRP: 50 gm: Rs.265, 100 gm: Rs.385

10. Davidoff cool water

Oh My God! This fragrance is something I can totally go head over heels for ❤ You gotta smell it to know it! I’ve been loving this fragrance since tje time I was a kid and no other sent as been able to beat this one!

11. Lakme Color Crush Nail-paint in shade  42.

I love nail colors that can go with any outfit and nude nail shades are the ones that can perfectly fit in with any look. So I tend to apply this shade very often from the Lakme Color Crush when I don’t wanna put  on anything fancy.

  1. Inexpensive

  2. Color doesn’t chip off before a week.

  3. Dries pretty quickly

  4. The perfect nude shade.

Price: Rs. 150

Hope this helps you all! If you have any products you can swear by, do let me know in the comments below!

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