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Sailing Merrily with Costa Cruises

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

How often in your life does it happen that you fantasize about something and the reality turns out to be much better than your imagination? Barely right? At least in my case, it almost always works the other way round 😛

However, there was this one fine evening in my life when reality made me wonder every moment whether I was hallucinating! Even in my dreams, I would not have been able build something so beautiful and here I was experiencing it for real! ❤

Guys! I am talking about the evening I was on board the gigantic Costa Luminosa!

Continue reading to enjoy my experience as I am sitting here reminiscing 🙂


Festa Italiana 2016

I don’t really think I can put my experience into words. The reality falls beyond the realm of all the awesome adjectives that I can think of! The least I can say is, once you’re on board you just don’t feel like leaving the Ship! Paradise on the ocean I’d say 🙂 

This event kept me mesmerized for days and I am looking forward to experiencing something like this yet again, at least once more in my lifetime 😀 Festa Italiana 2016 program offered a variety of activities taking place in Mumbai. The cruise event was actually Festa Italiana 2016 “CURTAIN RAISE”. It saw the launch of Festa Italiana 2016 in Mumbai and celebrated the upcoming homeporting of the Costa neoClassica in Mumbai from December 2016.


For the first time, Indians can look forward to embarking on a cruiseliner from Mumbai and going to enchanting destinations within India such as Goa and Cochin and also to the tropical paradise of pristine beaches Maldives and the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Costa neoClassica will perform a series of weekly sailings from 16th Dec 2016 – 18th March 2017.

Cruise Tourism has been termed as one of the most potential and sustainable segments and now with the launch of cruising between Mumbai and the Maldives, Costa Cruises has confirmed its strong interest in India.

More on Costa neoClassica …

Costa neoClassica is the very first large cruise ship that cruises between Mumbai and the Maldives.

This classic cruise ship has a total of 654 cabins (with a capacity for 1700 passengers), including sea view cabins and suites with private balconies.


Fully-equipped with a Casino, Theater, Disco, Ballroom, Grand Bar, it aims to provide plenty in entertainment. The wellness center is spread across 1,300 sq. m with a gym, treatment rooms, sauna and steam room. It also has an outdoor jogging track, 2  Jacuzzi and 2 swimming pools.


For those who would like to go shopping, the cruise ship has a huge duty free shopping center, and also offers a wide selection of books in the library for those who love to unwind with a book.

Enhancing the cruising experience further is the gastronomy: the food & wine offer is based on Italian regional menus with a choice of dishes representing different regions of Italy and proudly reflecting the country’s rich and unrivaled culinary heritage. In addition to this vast range, guests can also take advantage of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes.


On board Costa neoClassica, guests will also have the chance to taste the real original Neapolitan pizza at Pizzeria “Pummid’oro”.

In addition, cruisers will be able to enjoy a variety of Indian cuisine and the restaurants on board are fully equipped to cater to special diet requirements of Indians, which includes Jain food.

Ms. Nalini Gupta, Managing Director, Lotus Destinations (GSA of Costa Cruises India) feels the modern Indian traveller is now seeking a different kind of thrill and cruise holidays are now featuring on the Indian traveler’s “must-experience” list. She further adds, “The fact that Indians can now embark directly from Mumbai, not only makes the process hassle-free and visa-free, but also saves the traveler costs and time.”

More Pictures from the Event


I literally had goosebumps when my eyes fell upon this beauty for the first time! 


It just got better as the sun began to set! 🙂


The concert by Ms. Alessandra Celletti had already started when we got in. The ones following me on snapchat must have definitely seen how enthralling this performance was! She was literally glowing on stage and the ambiance was so peaceful.


That’s her right here. I found her way of talking damn cute 🙂 She’s one of the most important and influential contemporary pianists of Italy.


By the way this inauguration event was happening on the topmost level of the ship!


While all this was going on, I found some time to pose for pictures and sip some juice 🙂 After this, we were given a nice long tour of the ship!


Couldn’t take my eyes off this chandelier


We began exploring the grand Costa Luminosa! It literally is like a world on the ocean. You really need at least four days to explore it for once. I was fortunate to get a tour in here making this an unforgettable experience. By the way, this picture has just captured a small region of the huge casino!


Meet my friend Bhumika Gandhi! Cute, isn’t she? 🙂


That’s the Grand Bar. I stood there for a while watching a few cute old couples dancing ❤


Now it was time to taste some fine food! Authentic Italian dishes ❤


Oh God my mouth waters again! 😀


For those of you who were asking me, I bought this lovely gown from AND.


These guys are so amazing! I had a jolly good time 🙂 She was singing some of my favorite songs and the two of them were performing so well, thoroughly enjoying themselves.


This was when I was standing in one of the cabin balconies. I wish I could share videos too. I have so many of them 🙂


That’s me super happy after the event

I’d suggest you guys to look into the details of travelling in Costa neoClassica. I’ve heard it is pretty affordable and you get a lot more for the price you pay 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience here 🙂 Let me know how you feel in the comments below.

Till then, cheers! 😀

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