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A Colorful Life with India Circus

Hey beautiful people, I’m back here with a fun blog post this Sunday! I’ve been super excited about this one, since it involves one of my favorite brands! 🙂

You guys might be knowing, I have always had a major soft corner for all things quirky and funky, be it outfits or products! As it is, we always settle for monotonous and regular stuff. Why not add some vibrant hues to your wardrobe or home decor and give it a new life?

Do you know? Adding some color and quirkiness in your life does help you raise your spirits, especially when times are dull!

Since we’re talking colors, let me straight away begin with my experience on some products from India Circus 🙂

My Views on India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta:

It is one of those very few brands in our country that I personally feel, have some of the best designs that I’ve ever seen. They showcase a vast variety of products that aren’t clichéd but reflect a great sense of art, culture and aesthetics! ❤

They have got a range of products from fashion to home decor-umbrellas, bags, stoles, chai glasses, doormats, table clocks, table lamps, vases, crockery, wall arts to name a few. You could check them out by clicking here!

Some products do seem to be on the pricier side, while some are very reasonable. Anyways, I think it is kinda worth it because it is not just the looks that they rock at, but also the quality of the products! From the texture of the materials used till the effectiveness and longevity of these products, I think India Circus has nailed it! 🙂

I got my hands on 4 products from India Circus.

Continue reading to know more about these! 😀

Desi Wonderland Jhola Bag


As ethnic as it looks, it turns itself into a statement bag and makes you stand out from the crowd!


I love the intricate patterns and prints on this bag, all of them depicting the vast realm of our Indian culture.


I used this bag as a statement piece to liven up my ‘Denim on Denim’ look, coupled with a few accessories and heels to complement the bag.


It is not just the way it looks! You guys gotta literally touch it to know what I’m saying. The material is super soft and smooth! Totally in love with this bag ❤

To have a look at this bag on their website, click here.

Vintage on Wheels Table Clock


First of all, I LOVE vintage cars and this table clock flaunts one! I love how funky it looks and has such clear markings. The colors pleasantly stand out so much and are sure to attract attention!


You guys must have already seen how much I liked this table clock on my Snapchat a couple of times! It has been giving me company throughout my final semester exams in the past two weeks at my study table. It also has the standard beeping alarm facility!

You can view this product on their website by clicking here.

C est La Vie Unisex Wrist Watch


I am a wrist watch maniac and this unique piece is definitely one of my favorites! It is classy, quirky and can be worn by both, men and women!


There is something about the design here that made me completely fall for it! I absolutely ❤ the geometric patterns, intercepted designs and contrasting colors in the big dial that it has got!


It comes in this beautiful packaging, a box that slides in and out with a satin ribbon grip and has alternative bands so you can switch colors as you please!


I think this one is my favorite and you guys must definitely own one of these!

Click here to see more about the products on the website!

Craving Fuschia Ladies Wallet


With pretty little patterns of lotuses and flamingos, this wallet gives that desi edge to your modern look!


It is essentially a wallet but you can turn the ‘sling mode’ on if you wish to go hands free!


I used this sling-wallet with the LBD that I’ve worn to complete my ‘Girls Day Out’ look.


It has enough room to fill in loads of money and cards (I wish it gets filled up someday soon :P) . Love the design and the color too! This wallet, like the other products  is made up of great material!

You can view this product on their website by clicking here.

What I Love about India Circus:

  1. Unique designs and wide variety.

  2. Great use of colors and not overdone. Rich, vibrant and lively!

  3. Fabrics used are of quality!

  4. Concepts used in each product add a new dimension to my outfits & home decor.

  5. They can be used as statement pieces.

What I don’t like about India Circus:

  1. I honestly can’t think of anything and that’s great!

I had a lovely experience with India Circus and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys regarding your thoughts on this!

Do check them out, I’m sure you gonna fall in love with their designs! Having said that, isn’t it quite obvious that the designs have to be great? That is because, these are all designed by none other than Krsnaa Mehta! I love his work and you guys should totally check out his Instagram too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Next weekend I’ll come up with something new for you’ll 🙂

Till then, lots of love ❤ Live the good life!

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