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Customize Your Heels Like A Boss! Ft. TALONS D’OR

Hey lovely readers! How have you been?

Well I’ve been really really busy training, studying(well not sure about that) and running around! The new job and a sudden change in lifestyle was really difficult to cope with initially but now it feels awesome! 😀

Talking about the corporate world, you really need to put your best foot forward at all times and here I am literally putting my best foot forward  with these gorgeous heels that I designed myself on this website that lets you design your own heels right from the scratch!


Behold you fashionistas, let the designer in you wake up as here comes TALONS D’OR

The Concept :


Stiletto-heels, peep toes and sling back. 

So the whole idea TALONS D’OR has is to give you the freedom of designing your own shoes as you like them. I’m talking material, texture, dimensions, colors everything! This concept literally got me like head over heels *_* Ingenious !

I’m really very picky when it comes to shoes! I don’t buy shoes unless they match every single requirement in my list and for someone like me, this concept is a life saver.

So TALONS D’OR has this 3-D Designer tool that helps customers design their own heels ranging from ballet flats to 5.5 inch stilettos and they can be customized right to the T. I decided to design something basic and fit for daily usage but you can get really really creative and make yourselves something really funky. You can make your shoes define you! 🙂

They also have some pre-styled designs but all the fun lies in being able to design your own heels, doesn’t it? You feel like you truly own them! ❤

Specs of My Heels :


Size: 35

  1. Heel Height: 4.5

  2. Back: slingback

  3. Front: peep toe

  4. Heel: stiletto

  5. Upper: matte-cream

  6. Heels: matte-cream

  7. Insole: beige

  8. Platform: matte-cream

  9. Sole: beige

  10. Toe sole: matte-cream

My Review :

  1. The 3D Design tool on their website is pretty decent and you do get quite an idea of how your shoes would look.

  2. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the ways in which you can design, materials, colors etc.

  3. You have complete control over how you want your heels to look like and I found that really amazing!

  4. My heels arrived in a beautiful box with a cute note and some of you might have seen that on my Snapchat.

  5. The first thing that took me by surprise was that the heels are pretty light weight and that’s damn cool for someone who runs around all the time like me 😛 Stilettos are usually quite heavy, at least the ones I own.

  6. They looked pretty close to what I’d expected so that’s a plus.

  7. They’re comfortable. At first I felt my heels were a little tight but once I walked around I found them pretty comfortable, firm and well supported.

  8. They have a wide range of designing options but I’m still looking forward to more awesome styles. It would be great if they could make additional stuff like strappy heels, boots and all too some day.

  9. Customization is something that people dig for these days and these guys are nailing it!

  10. I’d give my heels from TALONS D’OR a 4.5/5 🙂

These heels fit me perfectly even look-wise and go perfectly with my formal attires and casuals too!


So what do you guys think about this brand? Aren’t they damn cool? I’m planning on trying out some really funky designs next time! Let me know if you guys have any suggestions! 🙂

Lots of love to all of you! xoxo :*

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