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Dress up in your Jewels

Hey Guys, A very Happy Independence Day to all of you! Hope you all doing great 🙂

Today’s post is centered around the importance of jewellery and my take on the ways in which I love to wear them!

Jewellery  has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. Jewellery adds richness and another layer in the story-telling! Jewellery can make moments iconic 🙂  It’s like the perfect spice that complements what’s already there.

I’ve noticed in most cases how all the attention is given to outfits and jewellery almost always gets neglected. Jewellery is like vitamins to fashion and should be used liberally.

As  Times Glamour , India’s Largest Jewellery Exhibition is to be held in Mumbai on 19-20-21, August 2016, I could not help but wonder how aesthetically pleasing jewelleries are and started looking for some inspirations on the internet!

Continue reading to discover some interesting ways of adorning yourself with jewellery ❤

My Favorite Ways To Wear Jewellery

1. Traditional Jewellery with Western Outfits


I love how Kalki has paired these traditional accessories with her red gown<3

Some heavy jewellery on simple gown or a crisp white shirt! Why not? ❤


A Traditional Necklace paired with an elegant gown should definitely make you look like a queen!

2. Arm Candy


Stack them up, altogether!


You can get so creative when it comes to arm candies!

Cant choose which bracelet to wear? Haha wear them all together silly 😉


Choose the pieces that complement your outfit and slay ladies, slay!

3. Chunky Pearls in a Street Style Look


I love pearls! They have this serenity and class associated with them.

Just one string of pearls can change your simple look into something classier!

But hey, need not stop at just one string 🙂


For working women, pearls could be their best friends!


And here is Rihanna killing it in them pearls!

4. Anklets on Boots or Heels

purple boot charm on boot

Add a stylish edge to your look by wearing some chained or bohemian anklets over your boots!


You can make your favorite heels even more attractive by wearing some lovely anklets on them! These work best in simple high-low gowns/dresses where a lot of attention goes to your feet.


You can even try these with suitable choker neck-pieces!

5. No Too Traditional Nose Rings


Nose rings are a bit underrated I feel. But in simple words, i find them really really sexy. Not the very traditional ones, but those minimal ones that make your western outfits look damn hot!


Just like Parineeti Chopra right here ❤

6. Brooches


If your going for layering, don’t forget brooches! I think brooches add a whole new dimension to layered outfits ❤

I personally love pinning up a couple of brooches on a denim jacket or a blazer!


Anyone here who loves collecting brooches? 😀

7. Gorgeous Hair Accessories


Feel like a Cleopatra and crown yourself with gorgeous hair accessories! (or modern mang tikaas)


You can also make use of other accessories like bracelets and studded neck pieces as hair accessories   by pinning them up appropriately to your hairdo! Refer the image above to get an idea.

8. Delicate Chained Jewellery

I saved the best for the end ❤

I have a serious fascination for intricate patterns in jewellery! Minimal and delicate ❤


And hey, that’s me! Wearing one of my favorites- a chained tassel necklace ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what kind of jewelleries you guys love wearing in the comments below.

Lots of love and wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day again! 🙂

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