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Flyrobe: Date Your Fashion

Hey people, how are you’ll doing? I’m back here to share with you guys my experience with Flyrobe!

I’m sure most of you’ll know what Flyrobe is, but for those of you’ll who don’t, no worries! I’ll anyways be describing it all right here, right now.

We all have found ourselves battling through our closet  to find something “worth wearing” for an occasion or for just another ordinary day, in spite of having tonnes of outfits in there! “Nah, already worn this!”, “Nope! Not fit for the occasion.”, “Oh God I don’t have accessories to complete this look!” and yak yak we go, don’t we? 😉 And then, came the fairy with a magic wand 😛 You obviously know what I’m gonna say, Flyrobe!

So Flyrobe came in with this concept where you can rent the outfit you like from well known brands and keep it with you for 3 days! Hey, not just outfits. Even accessories!

Here’s My Experience :

I placed an order for 2 outfits with accessories and they arrived home within 3 hours. Yes, they deliver your outfits in just 3 hours! Let me take you through the two looks.

The Jarlo Gown

Look at this beauty! I instantly fell in love with this one-shoulder dress when I was checking out their western wear collection. It is perfect for a cocktail party or a date night or whenever you feel like you wanna dress up as if you’re gonna walk the red carpet 😉

I wish they had the XS size when I ordered it . Since only XXS was available and I had to hold my breath for quite some time trying to fit into it. But then I saw how it looked on me and fell in love instantly! ❤

If you wanna have a look at this gown on Flyrobe click here.

2. The Wrap Dress from Mango


Hot! This dress is really hot. I clicked this picture just a couple of days before Valentine’s Day and I felt it perfectly fit the theme! This is also suitable for a club night.

Again I was a little disappointed with the size. But this time I did find an XS, however it was too loose and I had to pin it up from the back. But like last time, I had a look in the mirror and forgot everything because it just looked so lovely!

I also have a ring and a bracelet on, both from Flyrobe.


Find the Mango red belt wrap dress here.

What I love about Flyrobe:

Everything! This is an absolutely new concept, much needed and so helpful. I wonder why this didn’t exist before! But finally there’s a place from where we can rent outfits as and when we like it, without having to worry about spending too much and cluttering our wardrobe.

They are very active on social media which shows that they really care about their customers.

What I dislike:

I just had issues with the sizing but that wasn’t that big a problem. Could be dealt with! It would be preferable if they do pay a little more attention to size options. 🙂

Hope you guys had fun. If you’ve tried Flyrobe, do share your experiences with me! I’d love to know your side, leave your comments below :*

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