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My Diwali Outfit

Happy Diwali everyone! Wishing you all loads of happiness, love and prosperity. Don’t scare babies and animals, have a safe and beautiful Diwali 😀

I am back here, serving you some festive twirls and poses in my current favorite traditional attire which my Mom purchased from Vasansi. The subtly vibrant hues of pink, gathered flowy layers of clothing and beautiful design patterns of this outfit give me the minimal yet colorful festive look that I desired <3

Also, do you notice my hair isn’t brown anymore? I got me hair some burgundy ombre highlights this Diwali! How do you like it? Let me know in the comments <3

Photography : Samiksha Borikar Styling & Modelling : Megha Ray

Have a blast this Diwali! Spread love and happiness around you. Until next time, love a lot, smile often and do what it takes to live The Good Life.

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