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My NYE Party Outfits!

Another year has come to an end and it is time to say ‘hasta la vista 2016’!

2016 was like every other year for me. Drastic changes, ups and downs and lots of work! I look forward to another year full of surprises, opportunities and growth. Although I am not really a party person, I am super exited to welcome 2017 in the best possible way and how can one welcome the new year without being dressed for the occasion?

Today I’m gonna share a couple of my party outfits in this post. They aren’t really dressy. I decided to go for edgy outfits! All my looks comprise of a lot of black though. Continue reading to have a  look at them guys! 🙂

Shadows and Shades of Wine

All shades dark, black and wine. Velvet is the material this season, so I went for this simple velvet burgandy skirt with my favorite black top. I added the metallic gold eye mask  to contribute to the vixen feels ❤


Outfit Details:

  1. Choker neck top : H&M

  2. Velvet skirt : Westside

  3. Pumps : Forever 21

  4. Party eye mask : H&M

The Classic Gold and Black Combo

Wearing the all time hit, black and gold combination. They always go great together and hence it is always your safest bet ! The whole world of girls has gone mad over fishnet stockings and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. They make you look 10x hotter 😉 I had to wear them with my shorts!


Outfit Details:

  1. Sequined gold top : Local store

  2. High waist black shorts : H&M

  3. Fishnet stockings: Local store

  4. Chelsea boots : H&M

All Leather Rock Chick

This is the classic all black, all leather look with an added bling. I have worn this sea green sequined crop top with my faux leather jacket, pants and boots to give this edgy outfit the nye party feels.


Outfit Details:

  1. Leather Jacket : Snobbox

  2. Leather pants : H&M

  3. Sea-green sequined crop top: Forever 21

  4. Chelsea boots : H&M

How did you guys like these looks? Which one is your favorite out of the three?

Do let me know in the comments below 🙂

All pictures clicked by the perfectionist and very talented Sukrit Nagaraj. Do check out his website

Wishing you guys a great year ahead. Spread love, spread smiles. Work hard but learn to enjoy the little things in life that no one but you can take away from yourself. Be productive, but learn to take things slow and relax too. ❤

I’ll be back with some more holiday posts. Till then, cheers to a good life! A very Happy New Year to all of you 😀

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