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Summer Lookbook 1 : Ft. k r a y

This is my first LookBook for this season and I really wanted to start it with my very own fashion brand – k r a y <3 Check out this quick video that has all the summer looks that I created for  k r a y.

Now let me quickly jump into the details of each look that I created and why! 🙂

Bell Sleeves Back For Good 

Even historically, bell sleeves have always been loved by women and ever since those old days, bells sleeves have been taking a break and coming back in trend repeatedly. 

Speaking of current times, the bell sleeves have made a come back in a variety of styles such as structured Bell Sleeves and also as crop tops with bell sleeves. 

The crop top that I’ve worn here is from the “Pretty Summer Tops” Collection on k r a y. 🙂 

This Lilac crop top with Bell Sleeves is fresh, airy, soft and sexy. A perfect pick for the bold ones this summer! 

Smart and Coordinated

Pastels are something you can blindly resort to during the summers and here I have for you, a pair of pretty Pastel Pink, Pinstriped Coordinates! (that kinda sounds like a tongue twister :P) 

 It is a coordinated set- a crop top and a pair of structured culottes <3 

Simple yet smart, this outfit is made to make you look like a boss lady! 

A smart looking outfit with some edge. Perfect for work, street style or even for a girl’s day out when paired with the right footwear and accessories.

The Edgy Summer Doll

This one is definitely my favorite look so far! 

It is monochrome, super edgy and very comfortable! Needless to say, extremely stylish 😀

This entire look has been complied for you on  k r a y  by me!!! SHOP THIS LOOK by clicking on this link – 

            ❤️     Edgy Summer Doll     ❤️

The look comprises of a chic white and ruffled off the shoulders crop top, black palazzo pants, black high heels and a choker neck piece! 

An outfit like this is always gonna be your safest bet. It just can’t go wrong! Do check it out on kray. You can shop the look exactly as it is! 😀

Running my own Fashion Brand has been a fun experience but it also involves a hell lot of hard work especially when you have to juggle between office, blog and store! Nevertheless, I love this! 

Show my store some love! Check out the newest collections here <3 Hope you guys are having a fun summer! Yeah yeah, it's damn hot out there. But don't stop having fun anyway!  Photography - Samiksha Borikar  Laugh lots! Cheers 🙂 

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