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The Good Life – Part 1

The Good Life with Megha Ray has turned a year old. How fast does time fly! But on second thoughts, does it really fly fast? I mean it is always the same 24 hours a day, never faster or slower than we’ve been promised. Is our measurement entirely dependent on terms like achievements, failures or breath taking incidents? But then what about those little moments that our life is mostly comprised of –  some conversations that cheer you up, that little cup of coffee you made for your loved one and saw them smile, the satisfaction that you get on having helped someone, that piece of art that you make spending several hours on a summer holiday! These are a few to mention.

Such small things that make our day are often forgotten or neglected. Some of us even stop seeing the beauty of it and shut ourselves up in the assumptions that our own minds have developed regarding the idea of living an ideal life.  We are so desperately associating happiness and achievements to the standards of what the society forces us to see, that we forget about the true essence of life.

I’ve never really done a post where I shared the purpose of my blog, my experiences as a blogger, the obstacles I’ve faced and lessons I’ve learned. I think, on completing a year, I’m at least in a little bit of a position to be able to help someone who wants to start fresh and do something of their own. But fitting all the content into one post would make it really lengthy, which is why I have decided on dividing this across three blog posts-

–  Part 1: About my blog, The Good Life. (Introduction) – Part 2: How to start your own blog/website and keep going at it. (Let’s start with business) – Part 3: How my blog helps me keep a positive attitude in life and has rewarded me with good things in return. (My personal story)

About My Blog

I needed some serious positive vibes in my life, the reasons for which I will be sharing in part 3 along with how I made it happen! My blog, The Good Life for me was a means to channelize all my energy into spreading good vibes and to also give myself a sweet escape from the monotonous life of an engineer.

Spreading positive vibes is my sole aim and the more we give, the better we feel! Fashion, food, beauty, good lifestyle and happy things help me take my mind away from any negativity. Creating content for stuff that I love, help me shape my creative side and make me feel very real and human! By which I mean, I gain a lot more perspective which I would not have otherwise if I had not let my creative side do some work. I love stuff that make me think creatively and analytically.

Living a dual life, the life of an engineer and also of a creative person somehow gives me the balanced life I need. The happiness and confidence that I get by doing something of my own is wonderful and I wish to share this journey with all of you! Share whatever I learn or experience and hope that at least someone benefits out of it 🙂 I just want to make the world smile with me!

I am only learning and you can consider this space as my journal where I note down what I learn in the domain of Fashion, Beauty, Food and Life <3

I’m grateful to all those who’ve been a part of this journey! Thank you 😀

On a closing note, I’m going back to where I started this post. Do find time for doing things that make you happy. It doesn’t have to be great, it doesn’t have to be breath taking! Finding happiness in small things makes life seem so much better. We make a big deal out of achieving goals and being successful, we obsess thinking over how we could have changed what happened in the past or indulge in thinking how better the future can be but we miss out on noticing how one can make the most out of present. Be grateful for what you have while you have 🙂

All these beautiful pictures have been clicked by my lover Samiksha Borikar.

Cheers! 😀

PS. I’m straight.

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