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Dilemma Again

Updated: Nov 19

Why do we say I don't want you, when we so madly do

Why do we say Just let me be, when all we want is to be held

Why do we say I don't really care, when thinking about it is all we've done 

Why do we say Change is constant, right when we don't want one

Please leave me alone, Don't talk to me,

Just let me be, I want some peace,

Go to hell, I said I am fine, 

Go away, I need nobody this time!

My words the contrary of what I mean

An effect of fallen faith in just being me

What would it take to break this spell 

And actually mean that go to hell


Direction, DOP, Colorist - Prashin Jagger

Direction, Editor - Venkat

Music - Aditya Ashwath

Assisted by - Deepa Kamath

Written, Recited and Performed by -

Megha Ray

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