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THE POWER WOMAN | ft. k r a y

Hey everyone, I’m posting again after a long time. I’ve currently been writing about a couple of intense things and not posting them- saving as draft or scrapping altogether but I think I’ll be posting them sooner or later. Today I’m sharing a minimal lookbook with less talk and more pictures. This entire look is not just classy but also a powerful one!

Who doesn’t love feeling like a boss especially when a situation demands that? The look that I’m gonna share with you today is my go to attire for anything from streetstyle to meetings and events! What’s better? The dress that makes all the difference is super affordable! Sharing all the outfit details below <3

Photography done by one of the most fun people I’ve come across – Ridge Fernandes. There was barely any light and he nailed it! Keep scrolling to check out the lookbook.

A Pinstriped Shirt Dress + Chelsea Boots + Side Fringed Bowler Bag = The Perfect Boss Lady

Roll up the sleeves if you may, I chose to keep them just like it.  I love my outfits in grey, I’ve done an entire blog post on that calledMy Wardrobe In Gray. Check it out if you haven’t yet! <3

Yeah, She Means Business .

So, here are the outfit details and their respective links in case if you wanna grab one of these!

  1. Dusk City Dress – Rs. 500/- : This “URBAN” slogan dress draws inspiration from a city’s life of concrete and greys. This outfit is comfortable, structured, perfectly fitting and powerful, just as I like it! This one was definitely my favorite one from the entire collection of shirt dresses on  k r a y .

  2. Side Fringe Grey Bowling Bag – Rs. 1,999/- : This Faux Suede Stylish Fringe Bowling Bag is high up on the style radar. Featuring minimal aesthetics, suede fringe on the sides, a spacious interior and comfortable flat handles. This Subtle Yet Gorgeous bag is One Of A Kind. It is available in black, blue and white too!

If you wanna check out the entire look compiled together on the store, click on – LOOKS.

Hope you guys like this tiny little lookbook! Let me know in the comments section if you want me to do more compiled lookbooks like these <3

Thank you The Stables India for the location 🙂

Keep hustling! Keep smiling! Keep spreading lots of good vibes <3

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