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To The Women

She wakes up in the morning, not knowing how long she slept. “Definitely not enough”, she thinks. She checks her cellphone, “Oh damn! Only four hours.” But she knows she can’t have those ‘five minutes’ of extra sleep, she’s got lots to do. She looks at the mirror, it is not one of those days when she feels awesome. She wonders what’s wrong. “It’s all okay”, she tells herself. But somehow her heart is racing way too fast and she realizes that this is how she felt even before going to sleep the previous night, “Ok. There’s lots to do.”

She jumps out of her bed, ready to face another day. She knows she can’t feel nervous, there’s no time to waste. She freshens up, smiles at her mum and dad, plays with her cat, has her cup of tea  while furiously planning her day ahead on her cellphone, replying to emails and text messages, hardly aware of herself and does some quick work on her laptop. She gets dressed as quickly as possible, but manages to do it well without looking shabby. She’s got no time for highlighting or contouring, but she needs to look presentable. She  quickly wears some kajal and dabs some lip color and rushes for work. “She’s skipping breakfast”, her mom realizes and rushes after her to stuff some food in her mouth.

Well now she has set off, headphones on, listening to music that will pump her up to face the day. She smiles to herself, “It is not a really battlefield. I could totally relax. But I need to be better than I was yesterday. I need to get sh*t done!” She knows she’s determined. She knows she will do it.

Here’s to the women hustling all day long, every single day! Living on edge, figuring out things by themselves, trying to be their best, trying to do things that will positively impact the world, building their own empire also managing everything by themselves! The women who keep training beyond what their body can withstand. Who cry all night in pain and yet wake up to give a tough fight next morning.

Here’s to the mothers, who have given up on everything for their children, taking care of all their needs day in and day out. Being housewives but working way too much more than their children who go to work.

Here’s to the women who don’t just keep demanding equal rights or just changing display pictures to “support” a cause but actually slogging day in and day out, to carve their own way through the puddles, brightening other lives at the same time, not just supporting causes but also actively participating in helping others.

Here’s to those women we don’t even think about, who are living in remote areas struggling so hard, nurturing their families, making a living out of handicrafts and knitting. The women who don’t know what it is like to be in a school, who don’t even know that they are a part of the Boss Lady clan in spite of really being Boss Ladies!

All you women really deserve to take a day off, relax and unwind. You really do deserve to pamper yourselves once in a while. You really really need to find time from your busy schedule to let go of everything and just enjoy life. But not everyone is fortunate. Not every woman feels loved, not every woman has the freedom to follow her dreams.

This Woman’s Day, spread some love ladies! No offence, but instead of feeling jealous over a friend’s pretty picture, feel some love for her. Instead of hoping that she doesn’t win her game so that your way is clear, hope in the best interest of everyone including yourself. Instead of complaining about how bad life is because you can’t afford your favorite lipstick or don’t have time to watch that favorite TV show, think about women who don’t even know what leisure is like and are constantly striving to contribute to the world.

Are we only begging for rights or also being the change that we want to bring about in this world? Are all our wishes self-centered or do we wish for some greater good too?

Ladies, you have the power to do great things! I personally don’t feel it is about ruling the world, or being better than men. I look forward to a world where everyone can peacefully co-exist, where women aren’t suppressed and women don’t suppress.

Let’s be good humans first and also hardworking individuals. Let’s love ourselves at least as much as we deserve and also love the people around us.

To all the real Women who love and care, who nurture and who dare, to dream, to fight, to fall and rise, so much more power to you! Keep doing what you do, the world needs you 🙂

You maybe sassy or shy, bold or timid, tall or short, fat or thin, introvert or extrovert, aggressive or calm, but you are beautiful as you are as long as your heart is pure :*

Here are some pictures for my shoot with the Springbreak Bomber jacket with Wooplr. Photographed by Samiksha Borikar.

Wishing you lovely ladies out there a very Happy Women’s Day! <3

Love is the answer, always. So spread the love!

Cheers! 😀

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