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Tummy Tales with TGL : Peninsula Grand Review

Who doesn’t love good food! Food is so lovable that writing a post on it does not even need a build up .

I’ve been a foodie since childhood and I’ve tried a plethora of cuisines, but there is always gonna be so much more to eat! Tasting and reviewing food has always been such an important factor in my life. Some day, I wanna travel the world and keep hogging all the local dishes of the places I visit 😀 But for now, I’m exploring food in my own locality, Mumbai!

You can check out my food journey right here by clicking on my Zomato widget! <3

Check out my gallery and dine line on Zomato to discover the best dishes and food places I’ve been to in Mumbai!

The place that I will be reviewing today is Peninsula Grand, Saki Naka. Continue reading to enjoy my fine dine date 🙂


Antique art pieces all around, serene and composed with the sound of soft ghazals and graceful fragrances in the air, this place is designed to make a stirring first impression!

It isn’t the “Lets go to party with friends” kinda place but is perfect for dining with your family. The interior is very clean, well-kept and classy. My friend Samiksha and I were already regretting about our casual attire for a fancy place like Peninsula Grand.


I wasn’t keeping well and it had been really hot outside so I felt like giving their mocktails a try. I asked them for their best ones and we got these from their special mocktails section 🙂

(L to R)  Mango Colada, Virgin Sangria and Kiwi PunchHere’s the Mango Colada!

This one’s made up of Mango Juice, Strawberry crush and vanilla ice cream. Yummm! 😀

Their Kiwi Punch has Kiwi Crush obviously, Pineapple juice and Vanilla Icecream!

Well this one’s my favorite! The Virgin Sangria. A lovely yummy mix of Pineapple juice, Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Chopped fruits, Pomegranate Syrup. You can’t miss this one <3

The Virgin Sangria completely quenched my thirst (as cheesy as it may sound, it did). Maybe because it didn’t have ice cream in it and I was looking for something light and yummy, this one stole my heart!

Rajasthani Soola Kebab

What is dining without some perfectly cooked chicken kebabs 😀

They recommended this to us and I am glad they did because the dash of spices and the softness of the chicken together was so perfect!

Caramel Custard

I usually have a huge appetite but like I said, I was unwell so I was feeling full. (Plus Samiksha has a tiny tummy) so we skipped main course and alloted the remaining space in our tummies for dessert 😀 This time we chose what we thought was our safest bet- Caramel custard!

This definitely looked very pretty. They had recommended some other desserts to us, but we went for this one. Maybe be we should have listened to them, because I think I’ve had better caramel custards. Not that this was bad, but wasn’t that great either.

Overall, this was decent. If you guys have tried any other desserts here and have liked it, do let me know in the comments below! 🙂

All these lovely pictures have been clicked by the girl with a tiny appetite but great skills, Samiksha Borikar <3

If you guys have had food here, do share your experience with me! I’m sorry for being so inactive since Women’s Day, but I was seriously dumped in a lot of work! At the same time, I had also taken some time off my social media to enjoy life a bit more and had a lovely long weekend 🙂

Nevertheless, I have lots of new posts ready and I’ll be uploading them starting today! 😀 Hope you guys are doing great . Eat well, sleep well, work hard and smile a lot 🙂


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