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Munching on Some Good Health : The Nibble Box

Hey guys! How’s life treating you? Well mine is going pretty tiring so far with my final exams on!

Exam time (Or any other time) means you need to take some good care of your health, and that’s something we often tend to neglect. I’m a big time foodie and I literally am in the state of hunger most of the times during the day! For someone like me, snacking at regular intervals is very very important!

Well, It’s not just me. I know many of you go through the same experience too and ideally you should be eating small proportions of food in every two hours! But the question is, eating what?

Our snacking habits reflect a lot on our health, which is why it is very important for us to snack right!

Do you know ?

  1. Eating nutritious and properly portioned snack when you feel hungry boosts your intake of essential nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

  2. Carelessly snacking, on the other hand, can easily take you over your daily energy requirements while providing little to no nutritional benefit and that can contribute to a range of health problems!

Of late I’ve been quite obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle (thank God finally) and I’ve been paying attention to the needs of my health to quite an extent. At this time, I came across the Nibble Box! These guys are really determined to revolutionize snacking and foster a healthy lifestyle among the masses.

First of all, I really liked their website. Clean UI and very organised! ( The Web Developer in me always pops in here.)

A lovely concept in itself, it was just the stuff I needed!

Continue reading for knowing more about my experience 🙂

MY REVIEW on The Nibble Box

My first Nibble Box arrived a couple of days back and this is how it looked


Doesn’t look very attractive but isn’t made up of anything that will harm the environment. So that’s a plus!



My box contained four packets : Pepper Prix, Mango Meddle, Goji Gab and Amarnath Aloha


The snacks come in these zip-lock pouches that make them absolutely convenient for travel and usage. They’ve found a new place in my handbag! 🙂

Pepper Prix


The Pepper Prix comes under their Signature collection.

Ingredients: Fox Nuts (Makhana), Cocoa Butter, Black Pepper and Rock Salt. With No added sugar.

Fox Nuts are rich in anti-oxidants, low in fat and a good source of protein, fiber and iron and many more!

MRP: INR 70 for 40 grams.

My Experience: My favorite! These could totally be my new pop corn. Crunchy, peppery and tasty. Feels so light and satisfies my ‘in-between meals’ snacking! The cocoa butter lifts up the yummy side of it.

Rating: 4.5/5 🙂 mark my words, you have to really force yourself to stop munching on these once you start 😛


Mango Meddle

This one comes under their Signature collection too.

Ingredients: Dehydrated mango. No Added Sugar

Rich in vitamin A, B complex, dietary fibers, anti-oxidants etc.

MRP: INR 100 for 50 grams

My Experience: Omg! The smell, it got me high! I really love mangoes and the smell is just like those of the ‘aam papads’. Tastes so good and the fact that these have no added sugar leaves me guilt-free when I keep nibbling on them.

Rating: 4.5/5


Goji Gab


Comes under their NFS(Nuts, Fruits and Seeds) Section

Ingredients: Goji berries, black currants, black cranberries, dark choco chips, sunflower seeds, almonds.

Dark chocolate! Wohoo I love ❤ It also promotes heart health! All the other ingredients are ridiculously beneficial to our health too.

MRP: INR 100 for 60 grams

My Experience: I feel this is a perfect mixture. Just that sometimes I don’t prefer almonds.  But otherwise the lovely different flavors that I get while munching on them makes it a happy snacking experience for me! I prefer having these before I go out for a walk. Berries and nuts do some real good work to your body that time.

Rating: 4/5


Choco-chips 😀

Amarnath Aloha


Among their range of Granola Bars.

Ingredients: Honey, dates, oats, flax seeds, almonds, black raisins, watermelon seeds, amaranth, coconut, rice bran oil, rock salt, vanilla extract.

Look at them ingredients! Do I really need to say much? Your body will thank you!

MRP: INR 99 for 80 grams

My Experience: These are perfect for post-workout! Your body gets its supply of the much needed fibers, proteins and nutrients! We all know the plethora of goodness in oats and flax seeds. I’m really glad I finally found what I needed.

Rating: 4/5


Finding both tasty and  healthy products at the same time is something pretty rare and these guys have nailed it!


You must definitely check out their site! Click here to check them out and I think you must for the sake of healthy lifestyle.

They have a crazy huge variety of snacks which ranges over ranges over a 100+ natural products in Breakfast Cereals, Energy Bars, Raw Fruit Bars, Pure-dehydrated Fruits, and Trail Mixes – spiced and non-spiced categories.

I’m surely gonna try some new ones next! You guy MUST TRY too!

Great job there The Nibble Box! I’m more than impressed 🙂 Keep spreading the good health the way you do!


I urge you guys to try these. Cheers to a good life!

Let me know what you guys think about living a healthy lifestyle. Till then, loads of love! Byeeee!

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