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Sailing Through Nostalgia With Paper Boat

Hey  all you beautiful people! Another weekend’s here and so is another blog post! 🙂

I just got done with one exam and I can’t wait for the vacations to start already!

Now I am damn excited about this particular review! I’m about to share with you my experience while I was sipping away this relishing new flavor from Paper Boat Chilli Guava! (The word “Chilli” made me glad. I love spices! :D)

There was a lot of anticipation going on in my head before I was gonna try it. I really hoped that I would like it. So well did I like it?

Continue reading for a detailed review 🙂


My Review on Chilli Guava by Paperboat

First impression lasts long, yes, and when it comes to the packaging of their drinks, I’ve always loved the way Paperboat does it, the entire concept behind it. The packaging is so appealing that only by looking at it, you’d wanna try it!

Like I always say, I love companies that go out of the box and try something unique and innovative with their products. Needless to say, Paper Boat is definitely one of them, with their entire concept of nostalgia that pulled my attention towards them.

I received these drinks in this cute little goodie sack with a letter in it! I found that damn cute ❤


Such a cute little goodie bag!

  1. So first of all, you gotta make sure your drinks are chilled well enough so you can enjoy it thoroughly. I put mine in the refrigerator till they were ready for me 🙂

  2. All this while, I was really thinking a lot about the drinks. Honestly, I haven’t at times liked a few of their older flavors and I was a little skeptic that this one would turn out to be one of them. But Chilli Guava sounded just so cool! I knew I would not be disappointed.


Attractive packaging, hygienic and also very convenient to sip!

  1. Once my drink was chilled enough, I shook the packet well and took my first sip.

  2. Oh boy! Let me tell you, these guys are definitely not exaggerating when they say “drinks and memories“. It was just my first sip and my mind drifted away to those days when I was in school. On my way back home after school, there would be a vendor selling slices of kakdi ( cucumber)  and peru (guava) with massala (chilli powder, salt and other spices) topping it.

  3. That’s exactly the taste I got when I took my first sip, “Guava slices topped with chilli powder“. I swear! There was a broad smile on my face and I was urging the rest of my family to try it. They all loved it too!

So, yes! I absolutely love this new summer drink ❤

  1. Flavor: It is exactly like I described. You get the taste of fresh Guava pulp with a perfect blend of spices!

  2. Ingredients: Natural and Indian traditional ingredients. You can check out the image below 🙂


Contains no preservatives and no added colors

  1. MRP: Rs. 30

  2. Rating: 4.9/5 ❤

  3. Will I recommend this? Hell yes! Go for it, I really like this flavor and I think you will like it as well. I found my “GO TO” refreshments this summer 🙂

And now comes the best part :


In case you haven’t noticed yet 😉

Hahaha 😀


Thoroughly satisfied!

Let me know how you guys like it!

Concluding here, while finishing up the second packet of this drink.

And hey, do check out their movie Rizwan. I loved it.

Lots of love to all of you ❤ Have a great week ahead!

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